Reading List: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson 

At little late posting this according to my other post about welcoming autumn but I can do what I want and the colour scheme for this photo is working for the weather we have had on the island for the past few days. 

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson was the perfect Contemporary YA novel to end off the last of the summer months with. From summer romances and secrets, to tested family and friendship dynamics. The Unexpected Everything gave me exactly what I hoped it would. A feel good summer read with some extra piece thrown in. Like dogs. All of the dogs, all of the time. Normally, I’m all about the cats in books but Bertie the dog is adorable and I want him as much as the fictional boy that comes with him. After all it isn’t the end of summer untiI I have a few fictional crushes. (My crush is on the guy not the dog. Just to clarify) 

Morgan Matson has filled my summer YA fix since I read, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, a few years ago. And though I still have yet to read her other two novels I will probably be picking them up for next summer because she definitely knows what she’s doing. 
Does anyone else want her to do what Rainbow Rowell did with Carry On from Fangirl and actually write “The Coin of the Realm” or is that just me? 

Also I will now be using the phrase “coin of the realm” often because it sounds cool. 


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