Reading List: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

picture from my instagram
Every summer I seem to read at least one graphic-crime/thriller. The summer before last I read Sharpe Objects by Gillian Flynn. This summer I have at least two in my TBR pile.   

“Pretty Girls” by Karin Slaughter(a very fitting name for what she writes) being one of them. I finished reading this late last night/early this morning. It was definitely a bad idea to start reading it at night…

 Though it was a page turner and most parts of the story were intriguing, there were parts about it that took disturbing to the next level. Possible triggering moments for some. Basically, it reminded me of why I usually only read crime/thrillers during the summer and why I only read one. 
I have no idea how to rate it. I’m sure I will b falling asleep to sitcoms for the next few weeks.   But it has received much praise from other crime/thriller authors. So if you are a fan of the genre you’d probably enjoy this book. I suggest leaving the lights on and having something lite to read or watch afterwords. 


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