Reading List: Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeff Cranor

“Most people in Night Vale get by with a cobbled- together framework of lies and assumptions and conspiracy theories. Diane was like most people. Most people are.”

This book was weird. But not a bad weird. A good weird. A weird that made it a refreshing read. I wonder how many times I will use the word weird in this review… 
I originally picked up this book after seeing it in a bookstore and remembered that a friend had mentioned the podcast to me. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I probably will. 

I enjoyed the weirdness that was the world of Night Vale. It reminded me sometimes of the tv shows Fringe and Haven. Only in certain ways but mostly in regards to the way there was an acceptance of odd unexplainable things occurring (hopefully, no one is outraged by this comparison).

The dark humour, the -what I took as- allegorical commentary on society, and characterization of Jackie had me connecting with the novel. 

So, though weird might not be for everyone, I think ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ is worth the read.


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