Student Living (Food): Successful and Sizzling Stir Fry

This is my first year living off campus and that means I get to finally attempt to cook my own food!

Sure, I’ve always been pretty good at making pasta and grilled cheese. I guess I know how to cook and make meals for myself in the most basic sense. However, with that being said, I’m generally a little bit of a spaz/klutz which means I am usually told to stay out of the kitchen and away from the stove. I tend to burn food and/or myself if I ever do actually try to make a meal that needs to be cooked in an oven or on a stove.  So, unless I want to starve this year and gain the Freshmen 15 all over again, I need to hone in on my inner kitchen abilities.

I have been back at university for over four weeks now and I’ve been sticking to the easy stuff (read take out and microwave dinners); until probably the second or third week the only time there has really been meat on my plate was if it was a part of something I ordered or in a microwaved dinner. Which thinking about it now is ridiculous because one of the complaints about campus meal hall is that the meat can be questionable, resulting in the feeling that you’re missing out on a lot.

With that thought in mind, when my roommate and I finally decided that we needed to go do a decent grocery shop, we loaded up a little bit on the meat.  Our freezer now looks like the meat section of a mall food store. Thankfully, quite a bit of it was on sale, which meant that we did not have to go over our allotted food budget.


Now, I know stir fry is a relatively easy thing to cook. I have made it before but this was the first time, since being back at school this year, that I could be like “Mom, I made a healthy dinner! That wasn’t just salad. It had food groups and everything!”

Of course, when my roommate and I went to go make the stir fry we only had carrots, peppers, and garlic in our fridge. So, our stir fry was cut down in size but still turned out delicious. That might of had to do with the wine, teriyaki and soya sauce we added for flavouring though…

I may have burnt the pad of a few fingers but I think it was still a successful mastering of the kitchen.


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