Summer Playlist: Track 3

Turn Away – Beck

Whenever I hear this song it makes me want to go lie out in a field and stare up at the sky or stand on a shoreline and stare out into the Pacific Ocean. To breathe in the fresh, clean and salty air. To take a break from the summer blues and get lost in a haze of the the blistering sun and sea breeze.

From Beck’s album Morning Phase (2002), an album which I shall now be familiarizing myself with for the next week or so, “Turn Away” seems to be a perfect midsummer song. Allowing for reflection and pause. For getting caught in Beck’s musical brilliance.

If I were to ever score a movie with this song it would be placed in one of those interluded moments. The lone protagonist standing on the beach at dawn, no maybe dusk. Well, not quite dusk. They’d get arrive at the beach so the sun still shone across their features and the guitar chords would lead the shot as said protagonist starred out into the ocean. Maybe there would be a montage of images, of scene, that related to the plot and the reason for  the protagonist being on that shoreline. Maybe alluding to the big choice or decision that had to be made before the movie could end and everyone  could live happily ever after. Beck’s soothing and haunting voice guiding the protagonist along to the answer that need to be made, that could only be made in a moment of reflection outside oneself.

The final notes of the song closing as the protagonist turns away from the ocean and slowly walks, or my maybe slowly runs? No, that might be to cheesy so we’ll go with, walks back up the beach gets into an awesome or beat up car and drives away. Okay, all of that might be cheesy and cliched but it’s my score and my movie.






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