Watch List: The Goonies

I’m going to hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes are going to be out of style. – Brand

Much to my mother’s disdain, I love ’80s pop culture. I may not have been born in that decade but there is something about pop culture from it that I can not get enough of.

For many reasons, and not just because younger Josh Brolin is as handsome as older Josh Brolin and younger Sean Astin is adorable and hilarious as Mikey, The Goonies is high on my list of top 80’s movies.

The Goonies has anything anyone could want, including cheesy ’80s special effects and classic plots lines of adventure, humour and even a little romance.

From the truffle shuffle, broken and upside down gluing of a statues manhood, inappropriate translations of Spanish, rude and entitled rich people, young love, buried treasure, escaped convicts and good old Cyndi Lauper, The Goonies will forever remain on my to watch list.


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